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Finned tubes provide an extended heat transfer surface that maximizes the efficiency in heat exchange applications. These finned tubes are manufactured on sophisticated German machines by helically tension winding each fin or continuously welding the fins on the tube. The welding process to attach the fin on the tube assures a high metallur-gical bond suitable for high temperatures and heavy duty cyclic applications. Depending on the application, Crimped, Plain, ‘G’, & ‘L’ finned tubes are offered.

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  Fin Tubes Heat Exchangers

Fin Tubes Heat Exchangers
Mainly required by various industries like
Petrochemicals Plants
Oil Refinery Plants
Textile Plants
Marine Industries
Chemical Plants

Heavy Duty High Pressure / Small Heating Battery  

To meet the growing needs of Industries for HEATING & COOLING problems we have Imported special FINNING Machines for
Generator Coolers
After - Coolers
Steam Heaters
Air Pre-Heaters
Heavy Duty High Pressure / Small Heating Battery

  Radiator For Textile Industry

Radiator For Textile Industry
Mainly required for:
Flot Drier , Stenter, Heat Setling Curing Chamber and Polymerizer
Printing Machine and Printing Oven Loop Ager and Steamer
Hot Flue Chamber Enclosed Drying Range PVC. Ovens Etc

Strong Streamlined Heat Exchangers  

Continuous Finned Tubes which gives better Bounding of fins, increased Heat Transfer Rate, Compactness and Economy Use of Finned Tubes increases efficiency at reduced cost
Strong Streamlined Heat Exchangers
Incorporate Finned tubes to maximize heat transfer and reduce heat exchange costs……
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